Terminator Electrostatic ULV Sprayer

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Product Features:

  • Battery operated, no need for external power supply
  • Super long continuous working time, can work up to 6 hours with one charge
  • One button start, knapsack design for flexibility and convenience
  • Adopt military grade waterproof standard, high speed brushless blower
  • Multi functional ceramic spray nozzles can be replaced easily
  • LCD screen, indicator of the battery usage and ambient temperature
  • Intelligent automatic waterway cleaning circulation system, reduces material      waste
  • No pollution, zero emission, no exhaust gas, low noise
  • Five nozzle head three different sizes · Large diameter inlet without funnel

Product Model


Competitive Edge

Electrostatic ULV Sprayer

Working Time

Up to 6 hrs per single charge

Atomization Method

High Pressure -Pneumatic

Spray Coverage

Up to 64,000 sq.ft. per hour

Working Voltage


Battery Capacity

30AH –Lithium-ion

Rated Output


Fog Particle Size

10 -40 -80μm

Spray Distance

35 –45 ft

Tank Volume

2.5 gallon


17 lbs